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A Comparison Of Market Returns

ArtNet C50

Contemporary Art Market Analysis

The graph shows how well the Contemporary Art Market has done against the FTSE100 from 2002-2012.

It is clear to see how well this index has done against the UK’s largest traditional market. The ArtNet C50 combines performance data from the top 50 post war and contemporary artists.

According to Bloomberg Business the C50 has advanced 434% from the start of 2003 through to 2014.

ArtNet C50 - Art Market up by 434%

FTSE100 Analysis

The graph shows the FTSE100 over a period spanning from October 2007 to June 2015

As you can see from that point until today the FTSE100 has not even recovered its losses and as such would be considered a ‘scratch’ investment, when you couple this with the other two graphs showing the total volume invested in the market has dropped by over half and the relative strength of the market has fallen by 45% you can see that the market has not performed in large how many people would have expected or hoped.

Furthermore the RPI rate of Inflation over the period of 2007-2014 has risen by 26.2% cumulatively so it’s not hard to see that any money in the FTSE100 over that time period has not hedged inflation and has in fact lost financial buying power year on year.

FTSE 100 - no gains

Gold Market Analysis

The graph shows the gold market over a period of 5 years from 20th July 2010 to 22nd June 2015.

As is clearly evident the price of gold if sold at the right time did do very well, however the market is far more volatile and has shown as big a loss as it has gain over that time span and from March to June 2013 lost 7606.40 GBP/Kg, showing a 76.4% drop from the starting point of the graph.

Gold Market Analysis

Crude Oil Market Analysis

This graph shows the performance of the crude oil (per barrel) market from January 2010 – 22 June 2015.

As you can see over the 5 year period the market has made money if you managed to get out at the right time. However over the course of this 5 year span you can see a clear decline as of the start 2013 that doesn’t look like it’s letting up. Overall the 5 year period showed investors a loss.

Crude Oil Market Analysis

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