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Global Art Platform is a UK based art investment company delivering advice and alternative investment solutions to both collectors and investors in the UK and internationally.

Our dedicated team have a wealth of knowledge in the world of investment grade art. We offer an unprecedented service of opportunity for clients to build wealth and diversity into their portfolios.

What really sets us apart from the rest is by not having the cost position involved with running retail galleries and auction houses, we are able to offer fine art at attractive prices for clients of all financial scopes.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is largely viewed as one of the absolute greats.

Back in 1962 Andy Warhol began creating works inspired by comic strips by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein; however after asking a friend for inspiration of what to paint at the time he was told to choose more of an “everyday” object. So Warhol bought cans from a store and began to tightly trace the Campbell Soup can design. Irving Blum of Ferus Gallery, LA, who visited Warhol expecting to see comic strip art, was surprised with this change in style but immediately offered Warhol a show. Later that summer the exhibition caused a mild sensation. A nearby art dealer began to replicate the soup can stack but at a lower price. Blum instantly realised this potential and bought back 5 of the pieces he sold to clients, and purchased all 32 of the cans from Warhol for $3000. Blum later went on to sell the collection for over $15 million.

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